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Staining Salem Oregon

​Decks and other parts of your home that are made of wood would benefit immensely from staining. The process, which is similar to painting in the sense that they both aim to protect the wood underneath, slightly differs in the sense that it actually seeps into and penetrates the wood.

Less meticulous than an actual painting job due to the absence of the need for priming, staining is a great way of ensuring that any wooden surface is better protected from its exposure to the elements especially in the case of fixtures and furniture that are exposed to the outdoors. 

Staining is a great way of highlighting the wood grain, which makes it look really appealing. This is especially true for wood decks. Since stains are available in various tints, you can easily get your deck stained with the right tint to ensure that the natural color of the wood will be highlighted instead of suppressed.

Most people would carry out a staining project on their own, especially when the task involved is just for a small portion of their home. However, when it comes to full residential staining jobs, it is best that you call in the experts to do it for you. Genesis Construction has been providing staining services to homeowners in the Salem area and other close by neighborhoods. We have trained and experienced painting and staining experts that will take on the task for you. If you want to reduce the need for regular upkeep on any of your wooden fixtures at home, staining is the way to go. Call us today to find out more about staining and its benefits.

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