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​The best deals in town available for exterior and interior painting Salem Oregon.

About Painters Salem Oregon

Genesis Construction is the trusted name in exterior and interior painting. Offering professional painting services in Salem and other nearby areas, we are known for how meticulous our methods are towards ensuring that a painting job gets to last for quite some time. 

We are made up of painting specialists and professionals that have secured the necessary training to know anything and everything about the job. From painting techniques to learning about the different surface preparation methods, every member of our professional painting team is carefully vetted and assessed to ensure that they are up to the challenges of the job.

Over the years that we have been in the industry, the Genesis Construction brand has become synonymous to top-quality, long-lasting paint jobs offered at the best prices. Consistency is something that we have always strived for over the years that we have been in business. There is a reason why we have remained the highest-rated and best-reviewed painting contractors in Salem. 

As professionals through and through, we are insured and licensed to give our customers the reassurance they need knowing that their painting project is handled by people who are capable, experienced, well-equipped with the necessary tools, and highly reliable. All that, our team of painting experts does, at the most reasonable rates. 

Our customer service is second to none. We always stand by the quality of our work which is why every painting project comes with a full guarantee. More importantly, we respect your time and we always adhere to deadlines. Where others might drag a paint job on for a long time— not us. Expect timely and top quality painting service when you choose Genesis Construction.

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