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​The best deals in town available for exterior and interior painting Salem Oregon.

Exterior Painting Salem Oregon

​There’s more to paint than just adding appeal to your property. While it is quite effective at increasing the curb aesthetics of your home, its most important role is in providing your exteriors with the suit of armor that protects what’s underneath.
Your home’s exteriors are constantly beaten and battered by the elements. This is why over time, you can see chipping, peeling, flaking, and cracking paint on your exterior walls and siding. When this happens, it is a sign that your home’s protective coating is starting to break down. When left unaddressed for a long, it gives mold, mildew and rotting the chance to prevail.
If you’re starting to see wear and tear signs on your exterior paints, it is high time for our expert painters Salem Oregon at Construction to repaint your exterior walls. We are highly experienced in residential Salem painting and have been in the service for years. Our painters Salem Oregon are highly trained and have consistently been at the forefront in providing consistent top-quality Salem painting work.
We understand how crucial proper exterior painting is in protecting the integrity of your property. This is why we emphasize heavily on performing surface preparation before carrying out the actual painting job. This includes surface cleanup, hand scraping loose peeling and flaking paint, performing repairs and caulking, and priming the surfaces.  
More importantly, we only use top-quality paint. At Genesis Construction, we’re not just interested in addressing your painting needs one time. We’d love to be your painting contractor of choice for every painting project you have moving forward. Call us today and experience consistent quality painting work at consistently reasonable rates!

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