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​The best deals in town available for exterior and interior painting Salem Oregon.

Commercial Painting Salem Oregon

​When it comes to painting the exteriors of commercial establishments, it is best to leave the job on the hands of professional contractors Salem Oregon. Unlike residential properties where people may be able to pull off a DIY job, the size and height of commercial structures prevent building owners from doing so.
Commercial complexes are usually known for their sprawling structure or for having several stories. This means that any Salem painting job would require a considerable number of pointers— not to mention, the specialized equipment they will need to use to get hoisted up to paint at a considerable height from the ground.
Genesis Construction is one of the highest rated and best-reviewed commercial painting contractors Salem Oregon. Having established a name for efficient, quality, and speedy commercial painting, we have consistently extended excellent work to our clients since the first time we welcomed the very first one.
Our commitment to the job is seen in our dedication towards only providing you with the rest painting professionals through rigorous vetting processes. Our Salem painting experts are trained and experienced. They are insured and licensed too, to ensure your peace of mind. They constantly keep up with the latest trends and techniques in the painting industry and are also equipped with the latest tools to ensure an efficient and lasting painting job. Whether your commercial property is an old or a newly-constructed one, you can trust in the tried and tested painting solutions that we provide to ensure that your place gets all the augmentation to its overall aesthetics and appeal. Call us today!

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